Why Should You Think Twice before Using AI

AI is currently getting a huge amount of hype. However, many tasks are still best left in the hands of real humanbeings. Take web design, for example. We recently tested an AI based tool for website content building and the results were humerous. AI decided Emily was our Digitial Marketing Manager, a position and person that does not exist, and selected a fake 3D image to fill her bio (also fake).

Next time you get pitched to use AI to do a job normally handled by humans, think about the results. By the time you get done double checking every written word and replacing every image, you may not save any time and you may end up with lower quality content as a result!

Third Thursday Info Session:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training with LogicalNet

Date: 7/18/24 10am-10:30am via Zoom

Cyber Security Awareness Training – What you need to know to stay safe and secure. Join us for a 30-min Zoom with Q&A.

Guest Speaker: LogicalNet


**GoDaddy Hosting Issues**

If you are hosting with GoDaddy please check your site at least once a week for uptime (is it up?) and malware insertion (fake users/fake plugins are an indicator that you have been infected). If strange code appears on your site or your domain redirects away and not to your site, get professional help. Do not attempt to fix a hack yourself. Your site files have to be cleaned and best course of action may be to move the site to a fresh hosting account elsewhere. Cleaning an infected site on GoDaddy and reloading to GoDaddy may not offer a permant solution, most sites are reinfected within 60 days.

There have beenr 4 serious security breaches at GoDaddy in the last year which may be what is causing the instabili Read more:

Check your hosting renewal date, it may be time to move to a safer environment. Please reach out if you need help and/or a quote.

**WordPress: Deprecated Plug In ALERT**

Your WordPress website runs with a variety of plugins, many have been recently deprecated (abandoned) and need to be removed from your site for security reasons. If you have Velvet Blue or SiteTree, deactivate and delete from your WordPress website! You need to update your site plugins regularly and abandoned plugins do not get updates, so they need to be removed. Replacement plugins are available (in this example Update URLs and Simple Site Map are safe replacements). Any plugins that are deactivated (not in use) should also be deleted. Less plugins=Lighter site=>Faster site! If you need help analyzing your plugins and making changes, please reach out. Most WordPres sites take 10-15 mins to check/update.

The Albany Job Fair dates: Wednesdays

July 17, Sept 11, & Oct 2, 2024

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Managed Hosting Services

SEO Web Mechanics now offers Small Biz Managed Web Hosting:

Single Site Hosting: $149.95/year

Have more than 1 Site? Add $75/year per additional site/s

Bigger Business? Call or Email for a quote! You can still save $$!

Benefits of Managed Hosting:

  • Save on Hosting Expenses
  • Bulk Pricing Discounts for Multiple Sites
  • Free SSL
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Get Faster Site Speed
  • Every Site has a Separate Secure File System
  • Your Site is Scanned Regularly for Malware
  • $50 Migration fee (covers if site is hacked and has to be cleaned)
  • Your Domains Registration and Email Services stay where they are
  • Receive Hosting Renewal Invoices Directly From SEO Web Mechanics
  • Renewal Reminders – if you miss a payment we let you know!
  • Site Backups Retained for 30 days after payment failure
  • Managed Hosting Allows Us Quick Access to Repair/Restore

Please Reach out to move your site to a Safer, Happier Place.

We can schedule a migration ahead of your next renewal date or move your files now.

Contact Darcy to get on the schedule and in-house tech Garry will move your files!

Update Your Website For 2024!

Is it time to make adjustments? Do you need a redesign or to update your site with new logo/colors? Ready to add video? Chat service? Visitor Tracking? When was your last SEO review/update? You should be looking at your overall site performance at least once a year on every device.

Free analysis and recommendations are always just a phone call or click away!

If you would like to schedule an appointment: Initial 30-minute consults (call or Zoom) are offered at no charge. This will help you decide if we are a good fit for your next steps.

Enjoy the Sunshine!!

Darcy 🙂