Remarketing Ads

Use Retargeting Ads based on Consumers’ search history, target visitors on competitors’ & your site.

Competitive Marketplace? Limited Budget? Looking for Volume Traffic?

Intent Audience Retargeting & Remarketing Ads follow consumers that have search history on specific URLs

Target your site visitors and invite them back. Target your targeted competitions’ site visitors and invite them to compare offers.

Drives traffic to your site based on in-market consumer shopping/research history!

Target Intent Audience Ads against your competitors’ traffic!

Get seen on page 1 of major websites and follow those sites’ visitors for 30 days with an invitation to do business with you!

Be Seen on Sites like:,,,,

Follow in-market shoppers for 30 days and influence their decisions!

PPC Research/Remarketing Ads Set up and Launch Campaign: $195

New Accounts on Google are eligible for a $150 Google Ads Coupon/Matching Funds

Research/Intent Ads Set up : $195

Monthly Management: $95

New Accounts to Google are eligible for a $150 Matching Funds Coupon

Free Website SEO Audit:

Albany Job Fair

The next Albany Job Fair is on Oct 7, 2020 and April 21, 2021. At The Albany Job Fair you will find a full day of Networking, Career Seminars and 50+ Employers Ready to Interview and Hire You!