SEO Seminars

Google Partners Connect: Video Marketing

Google Partners Connect Youtube Video Training Event 7/12/17 Hosted by SEO Web Mechanics™/Darcy Knapp Consulting YouTube Training Webinar: Google AdWords Training Webinar: Google Speakers for July 12, 2017 Tabitha Salomon Tabitha will...

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Google Seminars July & August 2016

Registration & Details: Interactive Class with Google 7/12  Interactive Class with Google 8/9 Interactive Classes with Google at the SBA Showcase 10/05 Future:...

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Albany Job Fair

The next Albany Job Fair is on July 14 & Oct 6, 2021. At The Albany Job Fair you will find a full day of Networking, Career Seminars and 25-50 Employers (based on social distancing requirements) Ready to Interview and Hire You!